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Of Course Macs Are More Expensive... Aren't They?

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If you need to tell the technology community about your company's product or service, there is no better place to speak to this demographic then on osViews and osRadio.

Community is King

osViews and osRadio are the ONLY technology web sites that focus on varying operating systems and computing platforms without undue focus (or bias) for any particular one of them. We achieve this idealistic goal by making all the content supplied by those that read the site.

Community-driven web sites, (sites consisting of content supplied by readers) are more in tune with those that read it simply because it is those same individuals which also create it. This is not the case with journalist-driven web sites. These tend to only be in-tune with, well... the journalists that wrote for it.

What this means, is that your advertising dollars aren't wasted on content that visitors aren't interested in reading.

A Targeted Audience

Some have called the readers that visit our sites the technologically-elite, but we regard them as the core demographic that follow industry trends relating to computers operating systems and technology.

osViews and osRadio have the capability to target this highly coveted demographic by delivering different banners based on many different parameters, such as keyword, IP address, domain, weekday, hour of the day, language, browser as well as operating system.

We can even combine these parameters and use logical operators to create very specific situations in which advertisements are delivered.

When you combine our site's community focus with our extremely refined ad delivery system, you get an advertising vehicle that guarantees results.

To learn more about advertising with us, send a request for a free media kit to prosviewscom


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