Sun Microsystems Ready to do Business with Lenovo (Formerly IBM)

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Date: Dec 10, 2004 - 11:35 AM

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According to Sun Microsystems CEO - Scott McNeally, Sun is ready and eagerly looking forward to doing business with Lenovo - the new owner of the IBM's PC business. Shawn Sheik submitted the following editorial to osOpinion/osViews which analyses new opportunities for Sun Micro and the recipient of IBM's personal computer divison.

"As soon as this deal is done, the first phone call we'll make is to the CEO of Lenovo," McNealy said.

Sun Microsystems is a prime competitor to IBM in the enterprise computing space.

Sun and IBM have been competing with each other for a long time. The friction between IBM and Sun goes back a long time. The two rivals have been going head-to-head in their efforts to lure new customers by reshaping their computing offerings through the formation of new business units.

Sun looks at the breakup of IBM as an opportunity and sees a better chance selling the Java Desktop to Lenovo than to IBM.

Sun markets its Java Desktop System (JDS), and Star Office software as cheaper alternatives to Microsoft's operating system and its enterprise office suite and the company has already signed a deal with Chinese Government supported China Standard Software Company to supply nearly 200 million copies of JDS.

In my estimation, the demand for Sun enterprise computing will rebound in the near future largely by their Open Source (Opteron-based servers and workstations, Solaris x86 Operating System) product offerings enabling Sun to gain a significant market share in this space.

TRACTION: Sun shares have risen 33 percent since October, to $5.30 at the close on Wednesday.

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